Every time I see pre-order dlc I purposely pirate the game, sometimes even if I have no intention of playing it. If they want to make a game and they, "hey we're going to make you pay in 2 installments to get it all" I say screw that, I'll pay 0. An asshole-ish move, I know but I don't care. I cannot accept such…


I've no problem with the first game's name. It's the sequels' monikers that bother me.

Deep Down 2: Deeper Down
Deep Down 3: Even Deeper
Deep Down 4: Electric Deepaloo.
Deep Down 5: Live Free and Deep Down
Deep Down 6: Deep Down Versus VI 358/2 Deeps ~ Birth By Deep <Re:Deeped>
Deep Down 7: A New Deep

Spies vs Mercs

Someone posted about this mode the other day and we both expressed cautious optimism. Well, after watching this video I was still hesitant.... Then the narrator mentioned Spies vs Mercs Classic. Apparently a game mode will be available in Blacklist that brings the team count down to 2v2, removes the class system, and…

Is it just me or does the new TAY system seem like Star's 2.0? Seems the two main differences are that the promoted commenters have more privilege, the difference between being able to have your topic seen without a Starred user promoting it and being able to start a topic at all, and more power, the intention to give…

Gentlemen, I face a conundrum. With the most recent DOTA 2 patch they have made Immortal quality items sellable on the Steam Marketplace. For those who are unaware, immortals are items that were available for a limited time only and can no longer be gotten through ingame drops or purchased from the store. I currently…